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The Engineer

Jason Stephens | The Engineering | Professional Mixing & Mastering
Jason Stephens is known as “The Engineer” amongst his peers and colleagues.  Over the span of 5 years, Jason Stephens has solidified his position in the audio engineering field independently.  The Engineer is more than capable of taking your raw recordings, and turning them into hit records.  Utilizing nothing but his ears, his ability to handcraft a unique sound with each song that he touches keeps his current clients coming back, and increases his clientele even the more by word of mouth from his clients.  Although being an artist and producer, audio engineering is where he has the most fun.

“I like to make movies with music.  Not that I like to film them, which is something I would like to get into in the future, but I like manipulating sounds and records as a whole.  I like listening to the words, then finding a few sound effects that match the wordplay, as well as the intensity, blend it, and give people an experience when they’re listening to music.  Everybody is always looking for a clean mix, and I’ll give you that, but I try to go the extra mile and do things that other engineers won’t do to make your music sit above all the other music that’s out there.  We put visuals into the mixes man.  We put our all into this thing.  We love music that much that we would actually do something unheard of in this time which is….take our time, so that people who hear what we do, may fall in love with music again.”
– Jason Stephens –

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